3 Types of Stupid

I've been listening to a lot of comedians recently. The car we bought this year has a free year of satellite radio, and I always listen to the comedy channels when driving (if not, a book or podcast on my phone).

I heard a bit by Tom Segura recently which had me laughing so hard I had to pull over and write this down.

Tom's 3 types of stupid people:

Stupid looking people - You can't get mad at them, it's not their fault. And you need them to look at when you're feeling a bit down about yourself.

People who do stupid things - You can't get mad at them either because sometimes stupid stuff is fun stuff. Things like speeding and lighting your farts on fire.

People who speak stupidly - We have a lot of these. People who can barely weave a sentence together with some thought. They say things like, "I done seen them yesterday. Ain't you gone and run by the store tomorrow?"

If you have sensitive ears, you wouldn't like it. And, like all comedians, it was funnier when he said it.

The people who speak stupidly reminds me of all the times I've heard a salesperson screw up a sale.

It's the same way a marketer doesn't spend any time crafting the sales letter.

You don't have to speak perfect grammar. I don't come close.

But, we want to make sure everything we say lines up to make the sale. Words are more than just words.

And if you let it fly out, without thought, you're speaking stupidly.

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