Eighty percent. That’s been my struggle.

I have an itch to get things perfect. 100% or naught.

Not 99%. It has to be perfect.

Because of that small difference, I put things off. I procrastinate. I hesitate. I feed “The Resistance,” as Steven Pressfield calls it.

It’s been a struggle of mine for most of my life. If I can’t do it perfect then I don’t want to play. Give me my ball, I’m going home.

80% is my constant reminder.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. 80% is good enough. Eighty percent is done to the point where most people won’t notice the missing 20%.

Perfection is the goal. Eighty percent is complete.

And completion is the difference between joy and pain. It’s the difference between victory and defeat. It may be a sloppy victory, compared to perfection. But the joy of a sloppy victory is better than any defeat.

That is why I write this. Yes, I inconsistently wrote 80% and eighty percent. I mixed it up to remind myself that flaw is the reason to write this.

I have planned to write daily for over a year.

I want to share the many stories I’ve experienced, the stories that have been shared with me, so you can make more Friction Free Sales.

But that 20% stopped me.

I’d sit here and start to write and realize it wasn’t good enough. That strain of a thought wasn’t good enough to share.

Who am I to judge?

What isn’t 100% to me may be good enough for you. Maybe it’s something that pulls a lever and starts your wheels spinning.

My goal is to hit 80%. I want to hit eighty percent 100% of the time.

That’s the goal. It’s for you to get it done. To help those around you. Even if it’s a little bit sloppy, compared to your standards.

If you want to stick around and enjoy the fun, fantastic. Let the games begin.

What’s your 80%? Where do you procrastinate because you can’t get to 100%?

Funny thing is, 80% is probably equal to the average person’s 100%.

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