4 Simple Questions To Amplify The "Why" Behind Your Goals

The other day I wrote 3 Simple Questions To Create An Incredible Year. This is a 2nd set of questions to help you meet your goals for next year. Or any goal.

I will winWith 2013 sneaking up on you fast, it's time to put your sorting hat on and filter out what you want for next year.

It's easy to think up goals for the year. Anyone can say they want to earn (insert your concept of a large dollar amount here) per year. Maybe you have other goals. Whatever.

You can say you want many things. But unless you really think it through to the end, you're just spinning your wheels.

Here are 4 questions to amplify the "why I want to achieve goal X" for next year. Take out a pen and paper, or open up a text document beside this and start answering these questions.

1. What will happen when you meet your goal?

How will your life or business change when you meet your goal? What are all the wonderful things that will be happening on the last day of the year? What glory awaits you?

2. What will happen if you don't meet your goals?

Now you've planned for how your life will change when achieve your goal, what happens if you don't meet the goal? Will the bill collector bring a battering ram through your front door? Will you be sitting on your couch looking back at everything that could’ve happened over the last 12 months?

3. What won't happen when you meet your goal?

In the first question you answered what will happen, now answer what won't happen when you make your goal. You're going to have to give up many things if you want to achieve a life of glory. Will you give up sleeping in on the weekend to crank out what's needed? Are you willing to give up time with your friends to build a better life for your family? Are you willing to be made fun of by your friends?

Inertia is the biggest killer in achieving goals. If change was easy people would do it more often. In order for you to grow bigger, you'll give up something. You need to be prepared. Think of what you may be giving up and determine if/how your goal is worth it.

4. What won't happen if you don't meet your goal?

Spend time and think about what will NOT happen if you don't meet your goals.

It’s up to you.

These 4 question will help you create a propulsion mechanism to achieve what you want. It covers all the bases to understand the pleasure and pain of achieving, and not achieving, your goals.

Write your answers in crystal clear detail. Keep it with you. Read it to yourself everyday when you wake up. This will tattoo it into your brain and give you the power you need to achieve what you want.

You can use a tool like Evernote to keep it handy. I keep it in a separate folder of things I read everyday. You can also use Lift to keep you on track for daily habits.

(Raising my glass) Here's to an amazing year!

I wish I could credit where these questions came from. If you know, leave a comment or contact me. I've used them for years and can't find the notebook with notes on where I first discovered them.

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