Attacking Idiots

Something happened recently. Social media has lost its ‘fun.’ The mood has changed.

I used to check-in to Twitter or Facebook and see what’s going on. I’d indulge a few conversations.

I’ve met some great people online. Some have extended to in-person meetings and people I now consider friends.

However, things have changed. My friends are still friends.

But the mass of the social channels has changed.

Every time I log in I see attacks. Name calling.

Snowflakes. Stupid cucks. Racist republicans. Nazis. Fake news.

We’ve switched from discussing the topics to straight out name calling. We attack the person, not the behavior or the message.

If you’re familiar with the principle of commitment and consistency you’ll notice social media is driving many people deeper into their beliefs.

Each time you share that image mocking the president or call someone a snowflake you deepen your identity to the group you want to belong. You don’t notice the subtle changes but it becomes deeper.

When influencing someone it’s critical to understand how a person views who they are. Their identity.

You will continue struggling to move them when you don’t understand this simple fact.

There’s a simple model of how the mind works that amplifies your ability to influence others. It isn’t what most people do. And it’s the difference between an average and an intelligent persuader.

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