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What This Unique Behavior Model Can Teach You About Influencing People

Neurological Levels is a map, a behavior model, showing you how your customer gets stuck. It will help you understand the thinking and beliefs behind what keeps them from buying. And it will allow you new ways to to frame, or reframe, their limitation so he will buy into your message.

You can also use this model to frame your ideas more effectively. You’ll set frames to shine a light on your ideas that make them the most appealing.

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There's A Sucker Born Every Minute

Barnum is best known as a showman. His humbugs entertained millions of people in his day. And with the circus that bears his name today, he’s still entertaining.

Here’s a list of my 17 favorite quotes from Barnum that I think capture his business and personal philosophy. Many businesses today could learn a lot from him.

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Want To Influence People? Stop Making These Common Mistakes!

I know you’re making mistakes that kill your sales message. They’re small details. You probably never realized how often they occur in your communication.

Don’t think these details should be ignored just because they’re small. A small crack in the cement of your walkway expands over time. It never shrinks. One small crack is hardly noticed. But as it grows it becomes impossible to ignore. Minimize these cracks or you'll influence people to hesitate before they get to the cash register.

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Persuasive Language Patterns: A Primer On Linguistic Presuppositions

“The map is not the territory.”

No map shows all details of the land it represents. Maps distort, delete, and generalize the terrain.

We do the same thing with language. In order to easily share information we have to remove many details. We distort, delete, and generalize our communication.

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Website Load Time Tracking Means More Conversions

Your website load time is becoming more important each day. Site speed is an important factor to track and it’s becoming more important as technology continues to improve. Do you know how long it takes your site pages to load in a browser?
There are two primary reasons you want to track your site speed.

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Google Analytics Event Tracking: What You Need To Know And Track

I remember one thing when I first started direct mail marketing, thinking "God, I hope this works." Why do you want to track Events and Goals? Google Analytics Event Tracking and Goal Tracking allows you to begin taking "hope" out of your marketing strategy. Once these triggers are set up, you won’t have to search through your Analytics reports wondering what’s going on. You’ll have a quick way to measure the movements of your visitors and find out what’s working.

This simple tutorial will allow you to quickly set up Event Tracking and Events as Goals on your site.

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