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"All Of Us At Some Point Wonder If What We're Doing Matters."

For many people, I think it will be a punch in the gut when they read the line, "All of us at some point wonder if what we’re doing matters."

Almost everyone I’ve met on this rock called Earth has something inside them crying for that feeling. There’s a desire beat down and holding them back from doing something that matters.

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Do You Hesitate?

As I was watching my son’s baseball game last night I noticed a common theme among almost all the kids. When the ball came across the plate, they didn’t swing with the same authority and intensity as they did when they took their practice swings.

Do you do the same in your business?

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Customer Loyalty Is A Myth

“I didn’t know you sold that too!” she said after I asked why she didn’t call us before her and her husband bought their life insurance policies.

I heard that often when I started my first insurance agency. You would think owning an insurance agency with a nationally recognized, household name, customers would think of you each time they thought of insurance. It doesn’t happen.

If you own a small business or online business your chance of being remembered are even less. Even if you offer the best...

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3 Reasons You Shouldn't Write Like You Speak

David Ogilvy, the legendary ad man, wrote:
Write the way you talk. Naturally.
This comes from a famed internal memo sent to his employees.

I love the idea and think it’s wonderful advice. However, before you hit the publish button, skim through your words and perform a quick review. Don’t use Ogilvy’s advice as an excuse for lazy writing.

The words you just vomited onto the page are there for a purpose. If you want to write to inspire, persuade, or simply get your point across clearly, I recommend you make a few edits.

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One Fear Killing Your Ability To Influence

When you first start learning magic you feel like you’re tricking everyone. And you are tricking everyone. But there’s something in your gut that nags at you when your friends ask, “How did you do that?” You want to tell him. You don’t like deceiving people, especially your friends.

The nagging feeling is what stops most people from becoming a powerful persuader. The art of influence requires a bit of sleight-of-hand. You’re not lying (I hope). However, when you learn the techniques of influence, it can feel like trickery.

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Workbook: Friction Free Sales and Marketing

What started out as an simple eBook on dealing with sales resistance turned into a 77 page Workbook with dozens of exercises and examples to help you blast through the three types of psychological resistance torturing your customer’s mind.

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