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The 3 Types Of Psychological Resistance That Cause You To Lose Sales

Most marketing and sales training concentrate on ways to make the product and service you’re selling more appealing. They give you ways to build your message up so your customers drool with excitement. However, they don’t address the underlying resistance customers have when approaching their buying decisions. We all have some sort of resistance when […]

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You Just Can't Polish A Turd

When I was younger I ran a car and truck club for a group of guys with lowered trucks and cars. Yes, this was around when Hammer Pants were cool so it was a while ago. However, we loved our trucks and took great pride in customizing them with beautiful paint, solid (loud) sound systems, […]

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My Favorite Veteran

Today is Veteran's Day. Despite what you see advertised, Veterans Day is more than a reason for every retail store to hold a sale. It's the day we remember and celebrate the people that serve our country's military. Most people won't notice today's meaning and will simply become irritated because they can't get their mail. […]

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The Disney Experience: How To Transform Your Business

I wrote this on Sunday, July 17, 2010, 55 years after Disneyland opened its doors to the general public. If you've never been, I highly recommend it. The Disney Experience goes beyond almost every other business out there, not just in the amusement park business. It's a learning opportunity every business owner should experience. Earlier this year I heard […]

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Testing Your Marketing: When Is As Important As What

The easiest way to test your marketing is to test one variable at a time and measure the results. If headline X pulls better than headline Y then use headline X as your control and continue testing to see if you can beat those results. This process is called split testing and is nothing new to anyone with direct marketing knowledge.

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Are You Dying To Make More Sales?

I was talking with my good friend Dave yesterday. Dave is a great sales person and an impressive persuader. In his business he sells very small parcels of real estate. They’re about 3.5 feet by 8 feet in size. It’s a small parcel but is landscaped with beautiful green grass. He also sells unique and very expensive parties. Hopefully, when you have the party, hundreds of your friends and family will attend. Have you figured out what he’s selling?

This niche is known as the pre-need cemetery and funeral arrangements. Yes, if you didn’t know, you can actually buy your cemetery and funeral arrangements while you’re still alive. Dave is consistently a leader in total sales for his company month in and out.

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