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Do You Feel Guilty Saying No?

I don’t know why I feel compelled to keep coming back to this subject. No, that’s not true. I do know why. Because I keep running into people who say, "I didn’t want to (fill in your topic) but I couldn’t to say, 'No.'" This often baffles me. Most of these people are very successful. […]

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List Rot

I recently removed one-third of my email list. It’s not something I’m happy about. But I'm not unhappy either. It is what it is. Most of the people removed haven’t opened an email or clicked a link in the past year. So why keep them around, right? I wrestled with the thought of losing all […]

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You’re Competing With Someone More Skilled

Last week at my kid’s karate class, the experienced kids were sparring. The instructors were honing their skills to score tournaments. The kids were preparing for upcoming tournaments. Matched up based on belt level two opponents enter the circle, following the dojo's rituals. The clock starts and they punch, kick, and block. Some kids came […]

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Superhero Problems

I’m not a fan of comic books but recently became a fan of the superhero genre. My family was sucked into the Marvel Universe. We’ve indulged all the movies. The funny thing about the superhero is how bad they are at preventing problems. Have you noticed that? A superhero is only necessary when someone is […]

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2 Simple Ideas To Boost Cart Conversions

I was helping someone with his online shopping cart. He’s in the process switching carts and smacked a wall with his first attempt on the new cart. He sent an email with a coupon code as a test for the new cart. He doesn’t want to move all his products until he has everything working […]

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The Grass Is Always Green

If you spend any time in a product’s online group or forum you’ll understand what I’m talking about. At least once a day somebody is complaining about the product. The argument revolves around these 3 things: There’s something better, they had better results before they switched, or they’re thinking about switching. I spend too much […]

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