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It’s Not The Truth Unless This Happens

I’ve been training a local company here to help their sales team increase their close rates. We were working on ways to inoculate against their most common objections. I’m not a fan of old-school objection handling. Objections are like curable diseases and can often be prevented with the right strategy. One person kept trying to […]

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Not Another “Ninja” Technique

Who knew there were so many ninjas in the world? Everyone has some new ninja technique. Startups are looking for ninjas to hire. It’s silly how that word is thrown around. Is that what people are really looking for? They want something that will work past the next fad. If you want the real strategies […]

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Attacking Idiots

Something happened recently. Social media has lost its ‘fun.’ The mood has changed. I used to check-in to Twitter or Facebook and see what’s going on. I’d indulge a few conversations. I’ve met some great people online. Some have extended to in-person meetings and people I now consider friends. However, things have changed. My friends […]

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Selling Is A Dirty Word

Last week I saw a series of emails from a 'marketing expert.' He was promoting a product as an affiliate. I noticed his mistake in the first email. The next day he sent his second email. And I noticed the same thing. On the third day, it happened. He finally placed a link so people […]

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What It takes To Be Memorable

How much effort do you put into being memorable? While I often feel like I’m flying by the seat of my pants, one thing I want to be is memorable. You want to remain top of mind. When you mention customer loyalty you’re really talking about being top of mind. That’s the goal behind branding. […]

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It’s Not Just Vodka, According To Tito

If you’re some sort of professional vodka taste tester, you may not like this. But, Vodka is vodka. It’s supposed to have no flavor or scent, other than the scent of alcohol. That’s what makes vodka, well, vodka. Over the weekend my bride and I were at an event. I go up to the bar […]

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