Cat Urine Smells Better Than This

Some say animals can ‘smell’ fear.

They can sense the weakness. They realize the advantage they have and can use that to attack the opponent.

Your customers have 6th sense like that too.

They can smell it for miles. They can see it in your eyes. They can read it in your messages.

You can’t NOT send the signals.

And your customer will chew you up and spit out your remains faster than you can say, “desperate.”

The scent of desperation is more pungent than cat urine.

Every lady has met a guy reeking of desperation. It’s not an attractive trait. Right ladies?

Your customers can smell it too.

You need to make that sale. You need to pay the bills. You need that employee to stay with you. You need to replace the last client.

You need, you need, you need.

That neediness, the desperation, is the worst position to come from.

You project weakness. You have zero negotiating power.

You lose before you start.

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