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Planning your business strategy is important. You need to know what you want to achieve, the paths you want to travel, how step along these paths, and how to keep and motivate the people who will help you down each path.

A business strategy encompasses a broad amount of information. It’s all the things you need to do behind the scenes to support your marketing strategy and keep operations running smooth. It’s all the things for planning and to keep your customer centered business running friction free.

Below are articles and tools (from most recent to oldest) to help you with your strategic business plans.

From among the many articles you’ll find topics about:

Read around. If you don’t find something about the business strategy you’re looking for, just contact me with your questions and I’ll do what I can to help.

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Exponential Business Growth Calculator

The Exponential Growth Calculator is a spreadsheet to calculate the impact to your bottom line from small changes in your business. To summarize, there are only 3 ways to increase revenue in your business. They are:
1. Sell to more new customers.
2. Sell more to each customer.
3. Get more repeat sales from existing customers.
This spreadsheet calculates the changes you want to make in each area.

The 3 Ways To Increase Revenue In Your Business

Seeing Ways To Increase Revenue

Big doors swing on small hinges. When you understand these three principles you’ll realize you’ve only cracked open a very large door and have left a large amount of revenue sitting outside.
You want to increase revenue without increasing your expenses. There are many tips and tricks you can find online. However, they ultimately fall into one of these three categories. And, as you read through them, you’ll find multiple ways to increase revenue in your business.

The Disney Experience: How To Transform Your Business

Sleeping Beauty Secret

I wrote this on Sunday, July 17, 2010, 55 years after Disneyland opened its doors to the general public. If you’ve never been, I highly recommend it. The Disney Experience goes beyond almost every other business out there, not just in the amusement park business. It’s a learning opportunity every business owner should experience. Earlier this year I heard marketing legend Dan Kennedy speak. At that event he said Disneyland …

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