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Planning your business strategy is important. You need to know what you want to achieve, the paths you want to travel, how step along these paths, and how to keep and motivate the people who will help you down each path.

A business strategy encompasses a broad amount of information. It’s all the things you need to do behind the scenes to support your marketing strategy and keep operations running smooth. It’s all the things for planning and to keep your customer centered business running friction free.

Below are articles and tools (from most recent to oldest) to help you with your strategic business plans.

From among the many articles you’ll find topics about:

Read around. If you don’t find something about the business strategy you’re looking for, just contact me with your questions and I’ll do what I can to help.

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The Questions You Ask Determine Your Results

Questions Determine Results

I occasionally visit forums and Facebook groups that interest me. I like to read the questions asked. Sometimes I’ll add my opinion and help out. Sometimes I drop a smart-ass comment (they’re often the same). What amazes me is how many people ask terrible questions. You would think I would stop being surprised with the ignorance running rampant on the internet. But I’m not. I try …

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Superhero Problems

Superhero Problems

I’m not a fan of comic books but recently became a fan of the superhero genre. My family was sucked into the Marvel Universe. We’ve indulged all the movies. The funny thing about the superhero is how bad they are at preventing problems. Have you noticed that? A superhero is only necessary when someone is trying to take over the world and destroy everything (which always …

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The Grass Is Always Green

Grass is gree

If you spend any time in a product’s online group or forum you’ll understand what I’m talking about. At least once a day somebody is complaining about the product. The argument revolves around these 3 things: There’s something better, they had better results before they switched, or they’re thinking about switching. I spend too much time in groups around ActiveCampaign, the email service I use to …

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Is It Love?

Is it love? Lock-heart

Yesterday I was fortunate to join three classy gentlemen for dinner. It was Bob, John, and Arthur from ActiveMember360 and iMember360. Two of the best membership site platforms out there (if not the best, from my point of view. I love ActiveMember360 with ActiveCampaign). We spent a lot of time laughing and joking about many things. And we talked a little bit about business. While it …

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