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Planning your business strategy is important. You need to know what you want to achieve, the paths you want to travel, how step along these paths, and how to keep and motivate the people who will help you down each path.

A business strategy encompasses a broad amount of information. It’s all the things you need to do behind the scenes to support your marketing strategy and keep operations running smooth. It’s all the things for planning and to keep your customer centered business running friction free.

Below are articles and tools (from most recent to oldest) to help you with your strategic business plans.

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Read around. If you don’t find something about the business strategy you’re looking for, just contact me with your questions and I’ll do what I can to help.

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Scum Of The Internet

The other day, someone bought my book and the upsell offered. I was sitting at my computer answering emails when he bought. Right after he purchased he sent an email with questions about what was in the book. And I answered them. About 30 minutes after the purchases he sent me this email: “I skimmed […]

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Lifting Your Pen

"Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but nobody wants to lift no heavy-ass weights."- Ronnie Coleman, Mr. Olympia, 8 years in a row. Lifting weights is hard work. Physically and mentally. You have to push yourself to limits. You have to rest to let your muscles recover. You deal with injuries. Genetics, and performance enhancers, […]

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The Hawk

The sky is clear. Not a single cloud disturbing the sea of blue. The only thing around is a hawk circling about 100 feet above the earth. It's exquisite to watch. He magically floats in circles. His wings spread wide. His dark color is the only contrast in the sky. I'm watching as it continues […]

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Complain Until You're Blue In The Tooth, Apple Doesn't Care

The iPhone 7 was announced. They confirmed the rumors. Apple removed headphone jacks on the iPhone 7. Many, many people, including myself, don’t like it. I’d say they hate the idea. An iPhone isn’t that difficult to operate but I know many people who have a hard time doing basic things with it. However, no […]

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The Rules In Business

What are the rules in your business? You have laws you can’t break. These laws are the kind that end up closing your business, or worse, putting you behind bars. That would be bad. What other rules do you live by? Most people say, “I ain’t got nothin else.” But that’s not true. Look at […]

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Don't Be A Cheap Whore

There's a joke about an older man who walks into a hotel bar. He's carrying a briefcase and sits down next to a beautiful woman. He starts talking with the woman. Eventually he says, "You are stunning. In this briefcase I have $1 million in cash. I will give this to you if you sleep […]

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