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Optimism Is True Moral Courage

On December 5, 1914 The Endurance left port with Sir Ernest Shackleton leading the crew. Their goal was to be the first men to cross Antarctica. Shackleton picked his crew. He knew the type of person he needed. “Shackleton judged a man by the degree of optimism he projected. ‘Optimism,’ Shackleton once said, ‘is true […]

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Mastery is a myth. It's not real. It's not a thing. You can't grasp it. You can't put it on a shelf. It's not something you have. It's not something you are. Mastery is the chase. Mastery keeps us motivated to learn more. To improve. To discover how much better we can be no matter […]

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The Optimist Creed

My grandpa was a lifetime member of the Optimist Club. I occasionally attended meetings with him. They would recite the Optimist Creed at the beginning. He had a framed copy of it in his home office. It didn't mean anything to me when I was a teen. I didn't get it. I was too wrapped up […]

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You Never Feel More Alive...

I spent many years in the 'death care' industry. I used to sell preneed funeral and cemetery arrangements. I wasn't a funeral director. I don't like being in a room with a dead body (fortunately, I didn't have to be). What I did was help people long before they were dead make their arrangements. The […]

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Stop Losing Sales

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