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Without an effective marketing strategy you will allow your marketing decisions to be made by whim. You’ll miss opportunities and could become blinded by ego driven marketing. The following posts will give your marketing strategy a laser sharp focus.

Your Marketing Strategy Is The Key To Growing Your Business

If you’re new to building a marketing strategy these articles will help you immensely. These marketing techniques involve strategies for building your business and getting results. They’re not about “getting your name out there.” Marketing should be about four things:

  • Attracting Prospects (leads, potential customers, whatever you want to call your potential customers)
  • Converting Leads into Customers
  • Converting Customers into Clients (repeat customers)
  • Converting Clients into Advocates

Throughout these articles you’ll find your marketing strategy is not only about acquiring new customers but retaining existing customers. The marketing techniques you'll find useful will depend on where your are with your marketing strategy and the decisions you need to make.

Marketing Techniques For The Real World

These articles will involve practical marketing techniques for you to implement in the following areas:

Read around. If you don't see something you're looking for, just contact me with your questions and I'll do what I can to help.

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It's Not Your Fault

There’s a tightly held marketing secret I might let you in on. You’ve never heard of it because it’s closely guarded by those with serious marketing chops. But don’t feel bad you didn’t know. It’s not your fault. Do you know what else is not your fault? • It's not your fault the economy is […]

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Website Load Time Tracking Means More Conversions

Your website load time is becoming more important each day. Site speed is an important factor to track and it’s becoming more important as technology continues to improve. Do you know how long it takes your site pages to load in a browser?
There are two primary reasons you want to track your site speed.

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Google Analytics Event Tracking: What You Need To Know And Track

I remember one thing when I first started direct mail marketing, thinking "God, I hope this works." Why do you want to track Events and Goals? Google Analytics Event Tracking and Goal Tracking allows you to begin taking "hope" out of your marketing strategy. Once these triggers are set up, you won’t have to search through your Analytics reports wondering what’s going on. You’ll have a quick way to measure the movements of your visitors and find out what’s working.

This simple tutorial will allow you to quickly set up Event Tracking and Events as Goals on your site.

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Email Marketing: 5 Reasons To Build Your Email List Now

Email marketing is one of those touchy subjects. Some love it. Others fear it or don’t understand it. Some recent conversations on Twitter say it’s dying or (fill in with new technology of the day) is an email killer (this conversation has been going on for over the last year). When I hear these statements I know this means email marketing will be around for a while.

While building and maintaining an email list can involve a little work, the rewards are well worth...

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Testing Your Marketing: When Is As Important As What

The easiest way to test your marketing is to test one variable at a time and measure the results. If headline X pulls better than headline Y then use headline X as your control and continue testing to see if you can beat those results. This process is called split testing and is nothing new to anyone with direct marketing knowledge.

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Persuasive Power Of Price

When you’re selling something have you considered the impact your pricing plays in they buyer’s mind?

Price is a fine line to dance across and it hit me (again) the other day when I was filling up my car with gas. I was a little taken back when I saw the prices for gas.

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