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Ah yes, the subtle art of persuasion.

Persuasive techniques to get into the minds of others so you can sell them your ideas, your products, or your services.

Persuasive techniques include simple things, like a genuine smile across your face, to help you get agreement. They also involve the more complex understandings of the unconscious processes behind the groups and individuals you want to influence.

Negotiation skills are different than group presentation skills. Covert persuasion techniques used in face-to-face selling are different than persuasive writing techniques. Yet, all of them involve using persuasive language patterns, influencing skills, and psychological techniques in unique ways.

Below are articles (from most recent to oldest) on persuasive techniques to help you increase your influence skills in whatever area you’re searching.

Read around. If you don’t find something about the persuasive techniques you’re looking for, just contact me with your questions and I’ll do what I can to help.

24 Persuasive Techniques To Instantly Improve Your Ability To Influence Others

So you want to become more persuasive and influence others. Maybe you want to make more sales. Or you need to influence your boss, or employees. Or you need to get your clients to follow your advice. The following 24 persuasive techniques will give you additional leverage and instantly amplify your ability to influence others. […]

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Turn Up The Heat

Tuesday afternoon I turned my air conditioner down one degree to make it just a bit more comfortable in the house. As I pressed the button I thought to myself, "I hope the air conditioner lasts through the summer without problems." Well, guess what? About an hour later I realized I felt warmer. Then I […]

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Pulling Unconscious Triggers

It’s summertime and I’m enjoying the heat outside. While we were swimming a bee buzzed by my head. Instantly my hand flew up and started waving in the air to swat it away. No thought. My hand and arm just acted on its own. Slapping at the air and hitting nothing. I probably looked a […]

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You’re Competing With Someone More Skilled

Last week at my kid’s karate class, the experienced kids were sparring. The instructors were honing their skills to score tournaments. The kids were preparing for upcoming tournaments. Matched up based on belt level two opponents enter the circle, following the dojo's rituals. The clock starts and they punch, kick, and block. Some kids came […]

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It’s Not The Truth Unless This Happens

I’ve been training a local company here to help their sales team increase their close rates. We were working on ways to inoculate against their most common objections. I’m not a fan of old-school objection handling. Objections are like curable diseases and can often be prevented with the right strategy. One person kept trying to […]

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Attacking Idiots

Something happened recently. Social media has lost its ‘fun.’ The mood has changed. I used to check-in to Twitter or Facebook and see what’s going on. I’d indulge a few conversations. I’ve met some great people online. Some have extended to in-person meetings and people I now consider friends. However, things have changed. My friends […]

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