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Your Customer Wants To Believe You, And Lives In Fear

Most people you meet believe what you say. They want to believe it’s true. They’re waiting for something magical to hit them. And they believe in the magic.

They believe there is some pill that will cure their (fill in the blank) problem. Make them rich. Make their life happy. Etc.

They believe it exists.

And they’re searching for it.

It’s a form of what psychologists call...

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Eliminating Buyer Resistance Part 4: Inertia

Inertia is your most challenging form of resistance. It isn’t about you, your offer, or the sales process.

Inertia is rooted in your buyer and stems from his life experience.

It can be his past failures and disappointments replaying over and over in his mind. It can be his belief he already owns/knows what you’re selling. Either way, this stops him from

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Eliminating Buyer Resistance Part 3: Skepticism

Skepticism is the type of resistance you’re probably most familiar with. It’s what most training in marketing or sales teaches you to deal with. Many of the techniques below may seem familiar. With that said, understand these work best with a unique type of resistance. You need to understand where your customer is coming from to make sure you hit all areas that work best with him.

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Eliminating Buyer Resistance Part 2: Reactance

Reactance is experienced when you feel like you’re being pushed into buying. It’s a reaction evolved from the sales process. As the pressure builds and you begin requiring commitments from your customer, they begin to pull away. Something inside causes your customer to jerk away, disagree with you, raise objections, or stop reading your sales letter.

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The 3 Types Of Psychological Resistance That Cause You To Lose Sales

Most marketing and sales training concentrate on ways to make the product and service you’re selling more appealing. They give you ways to build your message up so your customers drool with excitement. However, they don’t address the underlying resistance customers have when approaching their buying decisions. We all have some sort of resistance when […]

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