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Articles on social influence. How to persuade your customer's emotions, beliefs, and unconscious to drive behavior changes.

The Psychological Pressure Of Clutter

When was the last time you cleaned everything off your desk? Or your garage? Or your closet? The other day I cleaned up my desk. Not a big deal to you. But for me it was very refreshing. Sifting through the papers I found a lot of great ideas I scribbled over the past, um, […]

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What Stops You From Getting What You Want? Chew On This...

Jim Rohn said, "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." When you think about that, who are your five? Are you wondering if you need to find a few new friends? Or do you feel your friends will fully support you? I discovered the truth behind Jim's quote by […]

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6 Videos To Make You More Influential At Work

A common theme I hear is, "How can I be more persuasive or influential at work?" We have ideas we need to sell to coworkers and those higher up. We have to get along with people who aren't very easy to get along with. We have to get customers to understand why they're making a […]

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The Scaredy-Cat

She's scared.

So she sits inside. Comfortable. In fear. Thinking she's safe.

While the others are out exploring, having fun, and living the life of a happy cat.

No one wants to be a scaredy-cat. But we all have our moments.

For some the moment is a lifetime.

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Create A Group Bond, Like An Olympic Team

Yesterday I watched the movie Miracle again. I love that movie. It's hard not to watch it when it's on. It's about Herb Brooks and how he groomed the 1980 USA Olympic hockey team to win the gold medal. Years ago I saw Jim Craig, their goalie, speak. He told us stories about Herb. (And […]

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Is This Ethical?

"Is this ethical?" Recently in a training this question came up. And it was asked before the end of the first day. They were learning how to gain unconscious agreement. And how it trumps attempting to influence your conscious mind. Then one of the ladies asked, "Is this ethical?" I don't get that question often. […]

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