3 Simple Questions To Create An Incredible Year

10 minutes for goal success?It's time to start planning ways you can make 2013 your best year ever. Unless you're on the Mayan, "end of the world" kick.

If not, we're riding down a greased slide into 2013 and it's time to start planning. These 3 questions will help you determine what you want, make sure it's realistic, and how to overcome the obstacles ahead of you. Enjoy.

1. What is it that you want?

This is always the first step, isn’t it. So, imagine it's the end of next year; what will you have achieved?

2. How will you know when you get it?

Make it sensory based. What will you see, hear, feel, taste, smell? Step into the dream. Notice everything as if you're experiencing the results now. Write everything down.

3. What's stopping you?

List the obstacles in your way. What’s stopping your from achieving your goal? How will they block you? What other hurdles will you need to overcome?

Take Action Now

Don't just sit there and think, "Oh. That's neat. I can see how that would help."

Take at least 5 minutes for each question and write out your answers. Don't filter yourself. Just write now.

Set a timer to stop your from filtering your answers. Go to e.ggtimer.com, enter 5 minutes and go with each question.

Do it now.

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