Create Your Own Shopping Cart with Woocommerce, ActiveMember360, ActiveCampaign, and WooCurve Upsells

Many people want to have a workable shopping cart that is easy to use, flexible, and doesn't eat a chunk of profits to keep running. That's the intention of this brief tutorial.

This setup requires only a couple of items for your WordPress site: Woocommerce, ActiveCampaign, and ActiveMember360.

Woocommerce is the leading WordPress cart. However, it has its quirks. Because it's free there isn't a lot of support available. If you want to extend capabilities you have to buy multiple plugins or hire a developer to integrate it with your marketing system.

ActiveCampaign is a marketing automation system. It is one of the most flexible marketing platforms out available.

ActiveMember360 provides a couple of functions. First, it's a bridge between your site, Woocommerce, and ActiveCampaign. Second, it provides site protection of the paid content on your site so random visitors can't access. But, keep in mind, these two descriptions barely scratch the surface to the depth of integration and protection provided.

If you want to add the ability for 1-click upsells, I also show how Woocurve's 1-Click Upsells plugin integrates with all these. (Since posting this I no longer recommend WooCurve. However, the strategy will still work with other 1-click Woocommerce solutinos. I have switched to, and highly recommend ThriveCart now.)

Step 1: Setup Woocommerce, ActiveMember360, ActiveCampaign, and Woocurve 1-Click Upsell

This code is mentioned in the above video to redirect a user directly to the Woocommerce Checkout page, bypassing the Woocommerce Cart page. It also limits the quantity of items in the Cart to one. See the video for the example.

// This goes in your functions.php file
// 20. Only one product in Woocommerce cart
add_filter( 'woocommerce_add_to_cart_validation', 'woo_only_one_in_cart' );
function woo_only_one_in_cart( $cart_item_data ) {
global $woocommerce;
return $cart_item_data;
// 30. Redirect users after add to cart.
add_filter( 'woocommerce_add_to_cart_redirect', 'my_custom_add_to_cart_redirect' );
function my_custom_add_to_cart_redirect( $url ) {
$url = WC()->cart->get_checkout_url();
return $url;

Step 2: Create a hidden page to autologin your user into other AM360 protected sites

One of the many features in ActiveMember360 is the ability to autologin a user going from one of your sites to another. If you create a shopping cart on a separate site, you will find this extremely useful.

ActiveMember360 docs for:

ActiveMember360 redirect shortcode to use:

[mbr_redirect url='/info' autorun='1']

ActiveMember360 autologin url to use:[mbr_db_id]&redir=

Step 3: Redirect from Woocommerce product page to your sales page

Each product you create in Woocommerce gets a product page. I don't like these product pages. If you use a true sales page, you probably don't either.

You can use ActiveMember360's mbr_redirect shortcode to essentially make these pages disappear, and redirect to your real sales page. You can do the same to make the Woocommerce Shop page redirect too.

Member's redirect shortcode:

[mbr_redirect url='/info' autorun='1']

URL to create an "add to cart" link:[Product ID Goes Here]

This is to create an "add to cart' link/form that doesn't show the URL when the mouse is hovered over the link:

<form action="//[Product ID]" method="post" >
<input class="button button-green" name="Submit" type="submit" value="Add To Cart!" />

Step 4: Customizing your cart's sidebar to promote more sales

This should be attempted only if you're comfortable. I am not a programmer. I know enough php, html, css, and JavaScript to do effective Google searches and find an answer to copy/paste and alter enough to use. I cannot, and will not, attempt to answer questions and debug why your site isn't working if you break it.

With that, this is the code to use in a text widget (like Advanced Text Widget or Enhanced Text Widget that allows you to include php. The default WordPress text widget does not allow you to do this. Enjoy.

$cart = WC()->cart->get_cart();
foreach ( $cart as $item_key => $values ) {
$product = $values['data'];
if ( $product->id == 3 ) { // Your product id
echo '<ul>
<li>Product 1 stuff</li>
<li>Product 1 stuff</li>
<li>Product 1 stuff</li>
<li>And more...</li>
} elseif ( $product->id == 6 ) { // Your product id
echo '<ul>
<li>Product 2 stuff</li>
<li>Product 2 stuff</li>
<li>Product 2 stuff</li>
<li>And more...</li>

Your cart

You have hundreds, if not millions, of ways to customize and create your cart. One of the advantages of a paid cart is the fact you're limited in what they provide.

Don't get caught up trying to make it perfect. Get it up and running.

All the items mentioned in the videos above.


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