The Election Persuasion Play

Tomorrow is election day, for us in the US.

It brings the end of this drawn out circus.

But what a show it has been.

The persuasion plays driving the major parties have been enthralling.

Online it has been one side against the other. Nobody really seems to be for something. They seem to only be against the other person, or other side.

People post snips of their hated candidate. It’s often out of context but “proves” how wrong that candidate is for the position.

Or you get a good metaphor that compares the evil candidate to Hitler, Nixon, or any other vile villain. The metaphors are filled with shoddy logic. But people are quick to find meaning that they connect the dots.

Sometimes these metaphors are clever. I find myself laughing at them. I’ve had many laughs at all the candidates.

Usually they just reinforce what you already believe. Making your belief stronger. And not doing anything to change the minds of those you want to change.

It would be nice if tomorrow was actually the end. But, sadly, we know it won’t stop.

Tomorrow is the end of the first act.

This circus has many more freak shows to enjoy.

Watch with open eyes.

And, grab a notepad. You want to be prepared for some elegant lessons in the art of manipulation.

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