Following The Crowd

Warren Buffet tells a joke about a prospector trying to get into heaven.

St. Peter stops the prospector at the gates and tells him that heaven's prospector limit is full and he can't let him in.

The speculator stops and thinks for a moment. He then leans into the gates and yells, "Hey, boys! Oil discovered in Hell!"

Waves of oil prospectors come flooding out the gates. St. Peter looks at the man and says, "Nice job. You can enter now."

The prospector looks at him, shakes his head and says, "No thanks. I'm going to check out that Hell rumor. There may be some truth to it."

There are many things you can learn from this:

  • Be careful of herd behavior.
  • Verify the source of information before taking action.
  • Don't trust your own BS.

As I continue to walk on this planet, there's one thing I know for sure: People will continue to follow herds, no matter how ridiculous the source, and they'll buy their own BS.

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