The Grass Is Always Green

Grass is greenIf you spend any time in a product’s online group or forum you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

At least once a day somebody is complaining about the product. The argument revolves around these 3 things: There’s something better, they had better results before they switched, or they’re thinking about switching.

I spend too much time in groups around ActiveCampaign, the email service I use to send this email. There’s always someone who switched from the hundred other providers and doesn’t like something.

Everything about it works well but there’s one thing pissing him off so bad he’s got to rant about it.

The internet has made complaining easier than ever. We used to sit in our home and deal with it. We only had the chance to bitch when we went to work or the neighbors came over.

If you’re old enough, you may remember foam bricks you could buy to throw at your TV. You could take your anger out and not worry about breaking your TV.

Everyone rants online now. Misery loves company. And it’s easy to find others who are unhappy.

Nobody cheers online when things work well. We expect it to work. Satisfaction doesn’t move us.

Yet, even when you love a product there is one tiny thing annoying you. You can find someone crying about it as loud as he can.

Then others read it and they wonder, "Should I be unhappy about that too?"

The idea spreads like a virus. The original definition of 'meme.'

You have to tread with care in these places. We can quickly get sucked in.

On the other hand, if you’re unhappy with your sales results, whose fault is that?

Maybe that’s why they’re online complaining. They think these products will magically solve their problem.

Yet the problem is still there.

Because the problem isn’t the tool.

The problem is the strategy. The execution. And everything else they’re doing, or not doing.

But it’s easier to complain about the tools and place our hope in a new, more magical tool.

If you want to avoid this vicious circle then go register for the Double Your WooCommerce Sales summit. Summit is no longer live.

It’s not a pitch for WooCommerce nor is it specifically about WooCommerce. Woo is simply another tool (you could end up complaining about later) and this isn’t about the tools.

It’s free. It’s for you if you want to double your sales. Guest experts, like me, share the strategies working today.

It starts June 1, 2017. That’s less than 48 hours.

Go register. Make the grass greener on your side of the fence and prevent the weeds from taking over. Summit is no longer live.

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