The Hard Part Is Not To Get Good...

Recently I interviewed Steli Efti, from, for the Fail To Learn Podcast he said:

The hard part is not to get good. The hard part is to consistently perform at that level every single day, without excuses. That's what separates the masses from the few who truly make a difference.

How many people, or businesses, do you see rise to the top and then suddenly fall?

Sometimes they wither away, slowly fading out of awareness. Other times they're just gone. It's like a magician waved his wand and, poof! They've disappeared.

Consistently producing is hard.

To consistently produce you have to continue doing the same things you've been doing well. While making very small adaptions to work to get even better.

Repeatedly doing the same thing day in and out becomes boring.

So we start to take shortcuts. We make assumptions about situations because we have experience. And a new kid moves in and starts putting pressures on us.

There are so many variables that will get you sidetracked once you start hitting your goals.

It's easy to get good. It's hard to stay consistently good.

Yet, it can be done.

Listen to my interview in today's Fail To Learn episode.

Steli shares how he failed with his first business, his struggles when he was a top salesman, and how these helped him build his extremely successful business,

Steli Efti’s Stunning Start Up Struggles And Why Character Is Important In Business

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