It’s Not Just Vodka, According To Tito

VodkaIf you’re some sort of professional vodka taste tester, you may not like this. But,

Vodka is vodka.

It’s supposed to have no flavor or scent, other than the scent of alcohol.

That’s what makes vodka, well, vodka.

Over the weekend my bride and I were at an event. I go up to the bar and order wine for my bride and a double vodka and 7-Up for myself (I call it a Bukowski. And, if you’ve ever read Bukowski’s book Women you’ll understand why).

The bartender asks if I have a preference of vodka and I reply, “nope.”

He pours and says, “I gave you Tito’s. I think it tastes better.”

I look at him and comment, “It’s vodka. They’re all supposed to taste the same. Tito’s is simply better at marketing.”

He stopped, “Yeah… I guess you’re right.”

That’s what good marketing and salesmanship does. It brings you top of mind when placed among the crowd.

I’ve said it before… There’s no such thing as customer loyalty.

But you can be top of mind in your category. Like Tito’s.

If not, you’re just another generic face in the crowd.

Unless you create your own category. But that’s another story.

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