It's Over

If you're reading this in Australia, it's already Jan 1, 2017. Congratulations.

Another year has rolled by.

You're probably sick of reading the mental jerking of bloggers posting about what they accomplished in 2016. I am. How does that help you?

It doesn't but it gives them something to talk about. Lucky us.

I won't be doing that.

I want to give you something to make everyday feel like a gift. It's free. It's not difficult. You just have to remember it.

It's this quote from Marcus Aurelius' Meditations:

Think of the life you have lived until now as over and, as a dead man, see what's left as a bonus and live it according to Nature. Love the hand that fate deals you and play it as your own, for what could be more fitting?

Read it again.

Your life is over. This year is gone.

Ain't nothin you gonna do about it now.

All you have is what's ahead. How luck you are. It's bonus time.

I have an extension installed on Google Chrome called The Last Sunday installed. Every time I open a new browser tab it shows how much of my life has passed and approximately how many Sundays I have remaining.

My wife hates it.

It's not for the faint of heart. Yet it's a reminder.

Your time is precious. Your life is precious.

Treat it that way.

As Marcus Aurelius wrote, what's left is a bonus. Love the hand fate deals you and play it as your own.

Happy new year.

Treat it as a NEW year.

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