Should Any Person Be Given This Much Persuasive Power Over Others?

"These Conversational Influence Strategies Are So Powerful
You'd Climb A Cactus Naked To Get Them"

Yes, you can persuade with ease...
You'll discover the critical keys to keep your most deadly objections from stopping your sales ability again.
You can't influence anyone if you don't have control of the conversation. In Module 1 you'll understand when you're in control of the conversation, how to detect when you don't have control, and how to get it back..
When you set the frame in a conversation you're setting the rules. Arguments are won and lost based on the frame. When you understand how to easily set the frame, you'll naturally and easily close more sales.
This one strategy is worth the price. How many sales are lost because of what happens when you make your recommendation? This will give you everything you need to seal this last crack.

Here's What You Get

This 4 module audio course will give you conversational influence skills so you can sell more easily, naturally, and quickly.

Session 1 : Getting Into The Mind Of Your Customer
This lays the foundation of our conversational selling style, and how you can get inside the mind of your customer. You get quick insight into what your customer truly wants and why.
Session 3 : Values
The process uncovering your customer's deepest values is inside this session. It's a simple process with layers of hidden complexity. Master this & you're mastering conversational influence.
Session 2 : The Boomerang Process
This session goes into the Boomerang Process. With it you'll be able to dive deep into your customer's desires. You'll discover how to structure your conversation so your client is asking you to sell them.
Session 4 : What To Do If...
Conversational sales sounds dreamy, right? What do you do when you can't ask questions or can't gain control? This will give you the tools and confidence you need to win in any situation.
About the Matt Fox
Matt Fox
I've spent the last 28 years studying and practicing the skills for mastering persuasion. This journey has taken me from traditional sales training to hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Psychology, direct marketing, social and behavioral economics, and more.

I like to strip away the fluff and deliver what you need without wasting your time.

Here's how I discovered these powerful strategies.

I had been through the roughest time in my life. I had a two year old daughter. My wife left me. I felt like crap - to put it softly.

I didn't have a college degree, or any marketable skills, so I dove into a sales career because I needed to earn money fast.

Selling wasn't as easy as I thought. I spent time with prospects trying to find "hot buttons." I sent letters waiting for the phone to ring.

Nothing was working and I struggled.

I struggled bad.

I started to doubt myself and my ability to earn a living. I started to worry about what would happen to my daughter if I failed. I felt lost and alone.

Then, I came across someone who changed my life. He taught me his secrets and things changed.

My friends laughed at these ideas but my sales turned around, my marketing started pulling in buyers, and I began to feel better about myself - my dating life dramatically improved too!

What I discovered went beyond selling. It's a natural persuasion process that combines language and human behavior.

I didn't have to be a "salesperson" anymore!

All I had to do was change a few words here and there, listen to what the buyer said, and sales naturally fell into place.

I quickly learned how I could open doors with anyone. The world became my playground. And the best part...I was having fun again.

Now, 20+ yrs later, I'm happily married the woman of my dreams. My daughter graduated college. And I have two more kids I adore and spend most of my free time with. Business is easier than ever.

To say life has turned for the better would be an understatement.

I hope it does the same for you...

Matt Fox,
Founder and Chief Influence Architect at

Gain Crucial Insights Into Your Customer's Mind

Get The Keys To Your Customer's Unconscious Desires
  • ​How to get even the most hard nosed buyer to give you an emotional response.
  • How to take control of every conversation.
  • The best way to use reciprocity in a sales situation.
Get The Keys To Your Customer's Unconscious Desires
  • How to set the frame with your customer's wants and needs so they can't say "No." 
  • What to say so your customer can't disagree with you.
  • You will be able to sell with integrity.
Get The Keys To Your Customer's Unconscious Desires
  • What to do before you make any suggestions or recommendations.
  • How to put all the pieces into place so when you meet someone you'll feel like you have X-Ray vision into their soul.

Is This Course Right for You?

If you talk with people to sell your idea, product, or service, this is for you. Coaches, consultants, solopreneurs, managers, anyone in a leadership position (or aspires to be in a leadership position), and sales pros will find this powerful and immediately useful. It works over the phone and face-to-face.
If you have no experience influencing, this may not be for you. If you're looking for a magic pill to influence, don't buy this now.
You don't need a lot of experience but you should have a basic understanding of your existing sales process and what you want to achieve before investing in this program.

Start Today, and Get Advanced Directed Questions Free

This bonus audio will change your life. That's a bold claim but it is something every professional needs to understand... and use on a daily basis.

After you start using it, you can tell me if I was too bold, or not.

Our life is filled with questions. And, the quality of the questions you ask determines the quality of the life you will live. This will help you with that area where you need high quality questions most, yourself.

In this bonus you’ll learn:

  • How your thoughts control your emotions, actions, and results.
  • How to layer in new beliefs so that you get new and better results.
  • How to speak to yourself so you motivate yourself to take action now.
  • The worst question you can ask yourself anytime, and you probably do it daily without being aware of it.

This is to help you and your mental game. So you can influence with total congruence.

And you can use directed questions to amplify your influence process too. I sure do.

Get Inside The Mind Of Your Customer
Only $147
You get the entire 4 audio course, 2 playbooks, and the cheat sheet. Plus, you get the bonus program, Advanced Directed Questions.

Here's what you get:

  • Close more sales without getting objections
  • Mastery of psychological strategies to deeply understand what motivates your customer to buy now!
  • Skills that transfer into every aspect of your life, beyond business
This is a downloadable product.
You will have immediate access after purchase.
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Get Inside The Mind Of Your Customer today and you're protected by our 1-year, no-hassle, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

This unconditional guarantee will give you enough time to go through all the material, multiple times. You'll be able to put it into practice.

If, for any reason you're unhappy and this doesn't work for you, we'll refund every cent. No hassles. No questions asked.