Make America Great Again

Donald Trump's slogan is "Make America great again." It's the foundation he's running on. It's a great slogan that is easily adopted by every voter who's upset with the state of my country.

It's a great slogan because of one word: again.

Take out the word again and you have, "Make America great." It doesn't have the same impact without the word again.

It's like a punch thrown by a baby. Add the word again and it's a punch thrown by Mike Tyson.

If you said, "Make America great," to anyone on the street they'd tell you it's already a great country.

The word again presupposes many important issues in voters' minds.

It makes them think.

Has America lost its way and become weak?

We are not as great as we used to be?

We could be better than we are now.

Problems exist that he may be able to solve.

But, all these, and more, wouldn't pop into someone's head without the word again tacked onto that sentence.

I'm not a fan of Trump in the political arena. But the guy knows how to sell what his customer wants.

And he understands how to use language with power.

When you don't carefully consider the words you use, you could be hurting your sales, again.

Would you like to use language with power, again?

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