Missing The Humans

Two kids are screaming for attention. They’re fighting with each other, talking loudly, and occasionally crying to mom.

What is mom doing?

Staring at her phone.

She sat there cow eyed. Her mouth is slightly open. And one hand is holding the phone while a finger on her other hand slowly moves the screen.

Like a zombie.

I kept waiting for the drool to drip from her mouth. But it didn’t (sad face emoji).

Not only is she missing what her kids need. She’s missing all the beautiful humans in the world.

The commonalities of dress and behavior. The movements. The odd interactions. The metaphors we wear as jewelry, clothing, and tattoos. The small change in facial muscles.

You can’t understand how humans behave by ignoring the world.

Put your phone down today. Take your earbuds out.

And observe.

The world is your playground, and your school for life skills.

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