My Phobia Of Business Partners

I have fears. We all do.

Some fears cripple us. Some enable us.

One of my biggest fears is having a business partner. Why?

Well, my bride is an attorney and I routinely hear about how one person is screwing over another on a business deal consummated with a handshake.

I would never go into a handshake business because deal because of the horror stories I've heard. And now they haunt me when I consider them.

On the other hand, this is also a constant reminder of why communication is so important in business.

Before a business is started you both need to know what will happen when things go well. And, more importantly, what happens if things don't go well. And all the details in between.

I recently interviewed Roger Dooley, author of Brainfluence and The Persuasion Slide for the FailToLearn podcast.

While we touched on persuasion we spent more time talking about his first big business flop. And it happened because of a business partner.

A business partnership is a lot like marriage. You shouldn't rush into it and you should spend a lot of time in the getting to know you phase before you seal the deal.

While Roger spent considerable time in the courting phase, their relationship still didn't work out.

And it reinforces my beliefs on partnerships. Ha!

Enjoy this horror story.

Listen to the interview on FailToLearn here:
What Business Are We In And Where Are We Going?

Or on iTunes here.

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