Sales and Negotiation Go Together Like…

Sales and negotiation fit like lego blocksIs there a difference between selling and negotiation?

A little.

But the differences are few and small.

Kwame Christian recently interviewed me for the Negotiation for Entrepreneurs podcast. I shared how they negotiation and sales fit together like to snug Lego blocks.

It was a blast to open up with Kwame. And, as I said on the interview, I hope my bride doesn’t listen to it.

Give it a listen here, or on On iTunes, or on Google Play.

Will you help me?

I want to get the word out and share Friction Free Sales strategies on more podcasts.

Do you know anyone with a podcast? Do you listen to any favorite podcasts? Fill out the contact form here and let me know.

I appreciate any introductions to show hosts, or thoughts about where you think this would be a good fit.

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