Scum Of The Internet

The other day, someone bought my book and the upsell offered. I was sitting at my computer answering emails when he bought.

Right after he purchased he sent an email with questions about what was in the book. And I answered them.

About 30 minutes after the purchases he sent me this email:

“I skimmed through the ebook and saw a few examples that i could use in my business... I’d like to request a full refund for both packages…”

Some thieves walk into a store and just take what they want.

You can’t do that online. So you have pond scum like this who buy what you sell, download it, and then ask for a refund.

I’m sure this asshat feels like he’s in the right. He’s entitled.

But he isn’t any better than a shoplifter.

Fortunately, I’m able to block someone like that from buying again.

The internet makes it easy for derelicts to take advantage of everyone.

You have manipulative vendors selling crappy products to unsuspecting consumers. As consumers, we have to do our due diligence to avoid those conmen.

Vendors have to be on the lookout for the schmucks looking for a free ride.

The internet provides distance. Physical, emotional, temporal distance.

The crooks don’t see the victim’s emotions. They don’t fear physical confrontation.

With this, there is very little guilt felt by these conmen. Only entitlement.

Understanding how others can influence you is the first step in protecting yourself.

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