Selling Is A Dirty Word

Selling is a dirty wordLast week I saw a series of emails from a 'marketing expert.' He was promoting a product as an affiliate.

I noticed his mistake in the first email.

The next day he sent his second email. And I noticed the same thing.

On the third day, it happened. He finally placed a link so people could buy the product.

I’m sure this process is sold by some marketing monkeys as the "right way" to sell by email. But is it?

The first email went out and talked about the problem. He went into detail describing the problem and at the end wrote something like, "And tomorrow I’ll tell you why I switched."

The next day he went into why he switched and how much better life is. And at the end he wrote, "And tomorrow I’ll tell you what it is."


Three emails to get to the link.

He did a great job describing the problem. That’s where a lot of markers fail. They can’t describe the problem as well as the customer.

The customer is all hot and bothered now. Give them the link.

The next email went through all the benefits. Again, at the end, I was waiting for the opportunity to check out the goods.

It’s like he was afraid to ask for the sale.

It’s ridiculous how some people live in fear of the sale.

Or, at least they don’t want to feel like they’re pressuring their customer.

What would’ve happened if I didn’t read the 2nd or 3rd email? He lost out on some sales.

If you’re promoting something sell it.

Bill Glazer, from Dan Kennedy’s GKIC, talked about this idea for a webinar promotion they were doing.

The typical promotion goes like this:

  1. Get people to sign up for the webinar.
  2. Email to get people to attend the webinar.
  3. Give the webinar and sell at the end.
  4. Sell to those who didn’t buy and didn’t attend via email.

He decided to change things up and send an offer to buy in step 2, before people attended the webinar.

Guess what?

They made sales before the webinar even started.

It’s not the strategy taught by expert marketing monkeys but it worked.

Imagine that.

Stop thinking of ways to delay asking for the sale. If you have something that can help your prospects, give them the offer to buy now.

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