Silence is golden.


Silence more valuable than gold. It is priceless.

Sit two people in a room and introduce them to each other. They’ll start talking.

If silence does come over them, it will become uncomfortable.

As the silence drags on it become a pressure so tight that one will eventually start talking.

People always feel a need to fill the silence. Like it’s a crack in the sidewalk that will spread if not repaired.

But nothing is broken.

And it pays to become comfortable in the silence.

“Most of what we say and do is not necessary, and its omission would save both time and trouble.” - Marcus Aurelius

If you’ve read any sales book there’s usually something that says, “When you ask the closing question, shut up! The first person who speaks loses.”

Unfortunately, the loss came long before the closing question.

It was your inability to sit quietly after asking the first question, and every question after that.

It isn’t just the lack of truly listening.

It’s speaking because we think we must.

This exposes the cracks in the sidewalk. It opens the area for critique.

And, as Marcus Aurelius said, it will save you time and trouble.

Sit quietly with someone this week. Notice what happens. Notice the pressure. And get comfortable with it.

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