A Strange Way To Let Go

We saw Dr. Strange this weekend. What a great character.

I’ll try not to spoil it too much but Dr. Strange is an arrogant prick, to put it lightly. And deservedly so. He’s the best at what he does. And is unapologetic for it too.

Some people don’t like him because of that. Oh well.

Then he gets in an accident and loses what makes him special. And it can’t be fixed.

But he’s cocky. So he searches to find a way to fix it.

Because he’s not special without it.

He finds some crazy yogi type who understands things beyond the physical world. And she helps him.

Up to a point.

He can’t be helped because his ego blocks him. What he thinks is true blocks him from seeing outside the box he lives in.

It’s what most people do.

We believe what we believe without question. We aren’t willing to let go and doubt.

What would happen if you were wrong about the many things you believe?

Dr. Strange didn’t want to let go of his reality. He was persuaded.

And that’s what the ability to influence does. It gives you the ability to alter reality.

Because reality is only real inside your head. It’s caged inside the beliefs you hold.

Once he let go he discovered new possibilities. And these possibilities gave him abilities he never believed to be real before.

How much better would you be if you let go of what you believe is true about your business, sales, and what’s possible?

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