The sky is clear. Not a single cloud disturbing the sea of blue.

The only thing around is a hawk circling about 100 feet above the earth.

It's exquisite to watch. He magically floats in circles. His wings spread wide. His dark color is the only contrast in the sky.

I'm watching as it continues circling over the edge of the desert. I know what he's doing and I'm waiting for the punch line.

He's hunting. He circles, watching for movement between the bushes. A mouse. A snake. A lizard. A cat. A rabbit. Something to eat but not too big.

Selling is a lot like that. We circle with questions.

Your client gives you answers and you get a quick view of the lay of the land.

You circle back around and ask more questions. Looking between the branches.

With each answer you notice more changes and search to uncover what's being hidden. Uncovering the motivations, desires, and needs.

It requires patience. Calmly asking questions. Being bold but without raising awareness to what you're doing.

It's a beautiful process.

It has been given a bad name from those who've charge loudly through the bushes.

But when you approach it with the posture of the hawk, you can eat day in and day out.

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