The Rules In Business

Rules in businessWhat are the rules in your business?

You have laws you can’t break. These laws are the kind that end up closing your business, or worse, putting you behind bars.

That would be bad.

What other rules do you live by?

Most people say, “I ain’t got nothin else.”

But that’s not true. Look at what you do and say.

“We can’t do that.”

“That wouldn’t be professional.”

“That’s just not ‘me.’”

“My business is different.”

Those phrases often go unspoken throughout the day. Sometimes you say it out loud.

When you hear these realize you’ve bumped up against the wall of one of your ‘rules.’

In my insurance agencies we sent out ugly, unprofessional, yellow post cards with black text. My bride hated them. They were “unprofessional.”

I didn’t care. They worked.

We had one headline, in a child’s writing type font, that said, “Daddy died and mommy said we can’t live here anymore.”

Yes. It got complaints.

But, more importantly, it made sales to people who needed the protection.

Do you hate popups on websites?

Me too. But I have an exit popup on my site because it works.

If I kept it off because I didn’t like it then I would miss out on a portion of the subscribers to this site. That wouldn’t be helping you, or me.

Do you hold back, fearful to ask questions that seem too personal? Or may make the person uncomfortable?

Comfort is a snug bed. Not a sales situation or playing the game of life. If the questions makes you uncomfortable it’s probably a sign you’re on the right path. Ask away.

Step back.

Notice the walls of your the box. The box you place yourself in.

Get uncomfortable and take a few chances.

The older I get the more I realize how few rules actually apply to me.

Like in the Matrix, there is no spoon.

Now, go dance on a bar.

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