Beware Of Tiny Elephants!

tiny elephants - time managementElephants at a distance are tiny. You can look across the plain, over the green field of grass, and admire the peaceful, tiny elephants. You’re safe. They can’t hurt you.


The distance makes it safe.

Then you notice the elephants are moving towards you.

As they march closer, they become larger and larger.

You glance away for a second and suddenly feel a warm mist on your neck. You look back, and notice you’re looking up the trunk of a 16,000 pound grey beast. And you realize this massive animal can crush you.

Beware of Tiny Elephants!

That warning has saved me hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of my life. And, it can save you thousands of hours too.

Tiny elephants are things your agree to do in the future, and when the day comes you wish you could get out of them.

How often do you schedule something for the future and when the day arrives you regret it?

Why would you ever agree to go to your best-friend’s bacon-flavored wine tasting event? Why? How could you ever think that would be a good idea?

Elephants in the distance appear tiny and harmless. As they approach they become larger and difficult to avoid.

Events in the future seem small on an empty calendar. Three months from now, one entry on your calendar appears to be nothing because of all the white space around it. As the day approaches, and your calendar fills up, it becomes an unavoidable inconvenience.

Remember this when agreeing to future commitments. Guard your time. Make sure future commitments align with your goals and values.

Remember how the future appears to be a tiny elephant. It will soon run you over.

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