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Welcome Twitter visitor to FrictionFreeSales.com. This special page is just for you (sort of).

First, if you’re following me on Twitter, thank you.

I tweet about persuasion and influence ‘stuff’ along with some personal rants. I make attempts at humor but mainly entertain myself these attempts.

Second, I don’t automatically follow everyone back. I stopped automatically following everyone because I was constantly nailed with DM spam. I read all @Matthew03 mentions and will probably reply if you tweet at me. If you engage me with conversation I'll end up following you, too. I like a good conversation, even when limited to 140 characters.

While you’re here, check out the About page to read a little about me and what I intend to accomplish with this site. In a nutshell, FrictionFreeSales.com is about persuasion, influence, selling, marketing, negotiation and the mindset to make your ability to influence others powerful.

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Last, as full disclosure, assume any links posted are affiliate links that I may receive some compensation for posting. Not all links are affiliate links. But, if it bothers you that I may post an affiliate link for something I found useful or may benefit others then please leave. You will only see links that I deem of value to most of my readers and I believe are worthy of sharing.

Thanks for checking out the site. Leave a comment on the articles and share your thoughts, opinions and questions. As I said, I love a good conversation.

Have fun,
Matt Fox

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