What Is Important Now?

My kids were fighting. Again.

FoxJr kept hounding my daughter to fold up his scooter when she put it away.

She ignored him. He kept at it. Saying her name. Asking her to do it. Telling her to do it.

Yelling at her.

She wouldn’t cave.

He came to me to get her to do it. I said no.

I explained it isn’t important to her. She’s not listening because you’re not making it important to her.

“But it’s important to ME!” he cried.

You may have similar conversations with your family, friends, coworkers, or customers.

It’s important to you that something is done. But nobody does it.

Because it’s not important to them.

As I told my son, you have to find out what’s important to her.

Make what you want fit into what she finds important.

Until you do that, she won’t listen.

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