What You Can Learn Laughing At Star Wars Nerds

Star Wars StormtrooperThis story is appropriate for Star Wars Day. May the 4th (Be with you).

A few years back I pulled up to work and parked behind a car that looked familiar.

I realized it was a friend’s car. I never noticed the license plate before.

His license plate was REDSIXX.

Instantly I started laughing and mumbled to myself, "Ha. He’s a Star Wars nerd."

Then I started laughing out loud and said to myself, "Jeez, Matt. You know what that means. You’re a Star Wars nerd too."

(To save you looking it up, if you don’t know, Red Six was the call name for Luke Skywalker when they’re going to destroy the Death Star at the end of Star Wars, the original film.)

Yup. Nerdom unite.

Whether it’s Star Wars or some other niche, all groups have a special language they use.

Talking with Star Wars nerds about Jedis and Sith Lords will be very different than talking about it with someone who has only seen the movies.

Why is this?

The deeper you go into a subject, or niche market, the more unique the language used.

Jedi means more than just Luke, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Yoda. It has a deeper meaning that I don’t understand because I’m not nerdy enough. But there is a deeper meaning. Trust me.

When you get to know your market you understand the deep meaning in their language.

Not only that, you understand their fears, anxiety, and the many pain points that keep them buying more.

I don’t remember which marketing legend said this but - When you can describe your customer’s problem better than they can they see you as the only solution.

You gotta be a nerd for your niche. Learn their language. Get in deep so you understand it better than they do.

Now, go forth and prosper. (Now let’s see who replies about this nerd reference)

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