Won't Work For Food

Recently we went to the buffet at the casino near our home.

It’s not my ideal place to eat out but, for some reason, my daughter thinks it’s the coolest thing. “You can just keep going back and get more and more food!” She’s 9.

Crab legs was the popular item that night. It was like a festival for everyone there.

Plates and plates of crab legs walked from the buffet to the people’s tables.

Crab legs are alright but we didn’t eat any. My bride jokingly summed up our thoughts. She said, “It’s too much work. It’s bad enough we have to cut up our own food.”

Isn’t that true? Aren’t we spoiled today?

Your clients are thinking about all the little hoops you make them jump through.

“It’s too much work.”

And, I don’t mean physical work. Unless your customers have to walk into your store, then it could be physical.

It’s too much mental and emotional work.

Think about the 3 sources of resistance: Your process, your offer, or your client’s inertia.

What are you doing to eliminate them? How can you make everything required to buy your product as “Friction Free” as possible?

Consciously, your client won’t be thinking, “It’s too much work.”

You just won’t get the sale.

And that’s a shame.

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