You Gots The Feels?

Emotions are a wonderful thing. Except when they’re not.

Some emotions flow through us and don’t feel great: Anger, frustration, sadness, boredom, among many more.

On the flip side we have those emotions that we thrive to experience more often: Love, ecstasy, joy, amusement, wonder, and many other tingling good feels.

We label those that don’t feel great as bad. The ones that give us the good feels we label as good.

But, emotions aren’t bad or good. They just are.

If you want to label emotions, label them useful.

There are studies with people who have had damage to their brain and don’t feel emotions. Guess what?

They can’t make decisions.

Nothing ever “feels” like the right thing to do, or not do.

Get your customer riled up.

Give them the feels.

Without it they’re stuck. Unable to make a decision.

If they’re stuck, then you’re stuck. And that doesn’t feel good now, does it?

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