Your Tortilla Is Inside Out

A friend told me a story about the lunch she packed for her husband.

She made him a burrito. And packed his lunch with all her new-bride love. He happily went off to work.

He came home and told her how the guys at work laughed at him. As he went to eat his burrito they ridiculed him. The tortilla was inside out.

She was speechless. She’d never heard of this. She threw out how she is Mexican, her mother never told her about this, and how silly it was.

However, when you look at a flour tortilla you’ll notice there are two sides to it. They look very similar. To the untrained eye, it can be difficult to notice the difference.

But, one side has more burn spots than the other. The burn spots are often darker too. This burnt side was cooked first.

This is the side that should be on the inside.

And her husband’s burrito was wrapped in a tortilla with the burnt side out.

And he was laughed at by those who know.

I can’t tell the difference between expensive and cheap wine (And, I don’t care for wine). Nor with expensive shoes and cheap shoes.

But I now know which side of the tortilla should be on the inside.

And I judge Mexican restaurants based on how they wrap their tortillas (along with the taste of the food).

We’re always being judged.

Your website’s design. The questions you ask. The words you use. They way you shake a hand. The clothes you wear.

And even if your tortilla is inside out.

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