It's "Bike Week" here. Around the city there are memorial rides, charity rides, and all sorts of events.

Hundreds, if not thousands of motorcycles are roaming the streets. Their proud owners holding on loosely while their hair blows back in the wind.

I can't leave the house without seeing dozens of bikes rolling down the streets. Rolling thunder, rattling the earth.

Naturally, you see the various Harley's. But there are also the Indians, the Victory's, and other popular cruisers that symbolize the biker genre. - Do you think they'd get mad to hear me call it the biker genre? Oh well.

That's what it is.

A genre.

It's a metaphor for a certain lifestyle.

It's a status symbol that shows you have a certain belief and attitude.

The guys rolling through aren't the tough guy, Hells Angels. They're businessmen, family men (and women), and they want that feeling of freedom the motorcycle gives. And the look people give them when they walk into the bar wearing their jackets, bandanas, and jeans.

The bikes and their uniforms display to the world the attitude they want to be seen holding.

It's not just bikers. Look around.

The clothes you wear, your watch, your accessories, tattoos, they all scream the metaphor you want to identify with.

Uniforms aren't just for military, police, and medical workers. We all have uniforms we wear that announce who we are in the moment.

And you can use that to your advantage.

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