Prison Thinking

Prison thinkingIn prison, you're stuck in your cell a big chunk of the day. You get a limited amount of time for anything else.

If you only had 15 minutes each day to work on your business, what would you do during that time?

Putz around on social media?

Work on the line spacing on your website?

Play with the color of your logo?

Work on those ten little tweaks in your 'sales funnel' to test that button.

I hope none of those.

You want to put all your effort into the things that deliver the biggest result. The largest potential for growth.

Getting new leads. Follow-up with those leads. Converting those leads. Following up to keep the customer happy, referring friends, and buying more.

Things like advertising. Emails. Sales letters. Improving products.

But this isn't what many people do.

I got this concept from Dan John. He wrote an article about applying prison thinking to exercise (read it, it's great). He asked, "So, ask yourself the 'Prisoner's Dilemma,' which is what I call this idea. What would you do if you found yourself in some odd kind of situation, prison, that you could only focus on your goal for three 15-minute sessions a week?"

Prisoners have this limited amount of time to exercise. Yet guys come out of prison bigger and stronger than when they went in.

They don't have the fancy equipment you have access to at your gym. They don't have their magic protein powders and energy drinks. They didn't do it because they focused on bicep curls.

They have a bar and some heavy ass weights.

They do large combination movements. Things that make a difference.

A big difference.

Bring this concept of prison thinking to your business.

It will narrow your focus to what is really important.

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