The Rubber Band Sales Secret

The Rubber Band Sales SecretYou pull a rubber band tight. Let it go. And, it snaps back into its relaxed shape.

If you don’t let go, and keep pulling, the rubber band it will break. And then snap back into its relaxed shape.

I like to use this metaphor about selling.

The sales process involves you creating tension with your customer. You pull the rubber band and make them uncomfortable.

Then let it relax.

Create more tension.

Then let it relax.

Be careful. You don’t want to pull too tight. You don’t want to pull too fast. These could break the band and you lose the sale.

You also don’t want to create tension and let it relax too soon.

There’s an art to creating and using this tension.

Using tension moves your customer out of her comfortable state. It overcomes her inertia to do nothing.

Notice it.

And use it to your advantage.

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