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When I was at my mailbox last night I noticed a fuzzy star slowly moving across the dark sky.

I thought the fuzzy speck was a plane behind some hazy clouds. Then I noticed all the stars around it were little points of light. No fuzziness. They were crystal clear. Not a cloud in the sky.

I got the family to come outside and see it. We kept watching. We tried to identify this unidentified flying object.

Then suddenly a triangle of light shot off to one side.

It took off towards the southeast and then lights disappeared.

I went inside and started searching the news. It was the SpaceX Falcon Heavy firing the last rockets needed to sent it off to the solar system.

I had to explain to my daughter, age 11, how the rocket used the earth's gravity like a slingshot to speed it up for its travels through space. Science stuff. Blah, blah, blah. More science stuff.

She asked why the earth's atmosphere caused friction that would slow down and burn up an object falling from space.

Yet the vast area of space is empty. It's virtually friction free.

The rocket will continue flying at its speed with no resistance.

The only thing changing its course will be gravity from the planets and the sun as it zips around the solar system.

This is what your sales strategy should be like.

Very little resistance. Letting your customer zip in his or her direction. When you need them to alter course you let gravity do its job and change the direction.

And, when you do it right, like the SpaceX rocket using the earth's gravity, you can get them to start moving faster in the direction you want.

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