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Disney’s Price Increase

Yesterday Disney announced price increases at their parks. A one day pass went up something like $7 and parking went up $2. Guess what happened. People on Twitter went bananas. They were furious that Disney, a for-profit company, would raise their price. They were outraged saying that they’ll never be able to afford to visit now. It’s not fair (as I wipe a fake tear from …

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Identity Issues

Brain image

You have an identity that controls all you do. It’s an unconscious process always running in the background. It comes out when you say what, or who, you ”are.” Are you a professional, a student, an entrepreneur, a salesperson, a mom, a dad, a smoker, a non-smoker, a conservative, a liberal, democrat, republican, libertarian, Christian, atheist, jewish, muslim, fat, skinny, old, young, responsible, curious, smart, dumb, …

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Friction Free Space

When I was at my mailbox last night I noticed a fuzzy star slowly moving across the dark sky. I thought the fuzzy speck was a plane behind some hazy clouds. Then I noticed all the stars around it were little points of light. No fuzziness. They were crystal clear. Not a cloud in the sky. I got the family to come outside and see it. …

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Running Your Business Like The Underpants Gnomes

Underpants Gnome

I’ve been thinking about random South Park bits recently. I don’t know why. It’s probably because my kids are becoming teens, and they mention things that remind me of the show. One episode that keeps popping into my head involved underpants gnomes. Yes. The Underpants Gnomes. The gnomes would come in the middle of the night and steal Tweak’s underpants (yes, Tweak is a character’s name). …

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