An Oasis

There’s a trail I like to hike near my home. It’s beautiful this time of year. It’s nice most of the year.

According to my phone, it’s the equivalent of walking up and down 40 stories. You get some beautiful views of the metro Phoenix area and can see why it has the nickname, The Valley of the Sun.

I live in the middle of the Sonoran Desert. But, everything is green and lush now. It’s filled with life this time of year.

An oasis.

It’s a big city thriving in the midst of a desolate landscape.

It doesn’t feel like the desert. Until you get to the edge of the metropolis.

As you drive you realize at some point you’ve passed the line dividing the city and the desert.

Outside of the city, the landscape looks rough. A lot of dirt, sparse shrubs, and cacti.

It’s like the difference between the perfect purchase and all inferior options.

Think about something you bought and knew it was perfect. You have other options but something about this one purchase stood out and you knew it was the best option.

This is like the invisible line between the desert and the city.

It’s the line between complete satisfaction and wondering if it will work.

The closer you position your product or service in the middle of the oasis the more satisfaction your client will experience. And the easier it is to get them to say, “Yes.”

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